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Eugene's Island

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Get all four books!

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Jump straight into this beginner chapter book series by buying all four books! Includes:

The Birthday Solution

Join Eugene and his family in this children's early chapter book series as they move to a wild and windy bird sanctuary in New Zealand. Eugene arrives on the island on his birthday but nothing is working out as planned. Can he find a way to make this birthday special and enjoy his new home?

The Christmas Visitors

Eugene’s cousins are coming for Christmas! But will they like his new home? And how will they react when it turns out they aren’t the only special visitors who will arrive on the island for Christmas day?

The Pet Problem

Eugene would love to have his pet dog Jupiter join him on the island, but Dad keeps saying no. Can Eugene’s grandma bring Jupiter with her when she visits? And if she does what will happen to the other animals on the island?

The Art Project

Living on the island has changed lots of things for Eugene, including having to do schoolwork at home. An accident in the ocean causes problems and distracts Eugene from his latest school project. Can he help protect the birds on the island and finish his project in time?

Written by Elizabeth Kirkby-McLeod and illustrated by Anna McKessar, suits 5-8 year old independent readers or to read aloud to younger children.