OneTree House Takes on Eugene's Island as Agency Books

OneTree House believes in the transformative power of story and are advocates for the importance of recording and reflecting the unique cultural perspective from Aotearoa. They know the importance of local storytelling in supporting and encouraging literacy. Having noticed that some of their authors (including Eugene's Island author Elizabeth!) also publish independently, they have announced an agency deal to support our series, with an aim to support a thriving New Zealand children's book community.
"We are a small publisher and can only produce so many books; but we believe in our authors, and love to see them succeed, whether they are publishing through us or not. By taking on their independently published titles as agency books, we can support the promotion of their work and, importantly, facilitate distribution," says OneTree House Director, Jenny Nagle.
Jenny stresses that this service is for authors who already have a publishing relationship with OneTree House. This deal makes the Eugene's Island series  available through OneTree House's distributor, Upstart Distribution, to all bookstores, library, and school suppliers in New Zealand, and opens up new overseas markets.
"Elizabeth Kirkby-McLeod is part of our team and was the editor of our short story collection Lit: Stories from Home, published this year. We are delighted to be able to help her grow and expand the reach of her excellent new early-chapter series Eugene's Island," says Jenny.

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